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Monday, October 13, 2008

Some Interesting Stuff

Sorry, loyal reader, no new article this week. Here, however, are some books that might interest you:

The Indie Band Survival Guide by Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan - A neat book on how to best prepare yourself for being an independent musician. Being very modern and hip and such, it includes information on how to best make your website and utilizing social networking sites to further your band.

The Everything Home Recording Book by Marc Schonbrun - There are lots of these books, but this one seems to be the best one geared towards beginners.

Hal Leonard Pocket Music Theory by Keith Wyatt and Carl Schroeder - It won't teach you music theory, but it would be a great complement to your learning it. Tons of information packed into the tiniest book.

And here's a great, free web program for guitarists: you give it a chord and it shows you the fingering, complete with strumming so you can tell if you sound right.

Rest assured, there are several great articles and some new surprises on the way. See you next week!

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